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What type of woman are you ?
Mysterious, sensual, femme fatale.
Implicite Femme Fatale Tornade

Implicite invites you to discover the type of woman to awaken within you via three portraits. Whether you are mysterious, sensual, or fatale, dress your shape magnificently while remaining in harmony with yourself. Lace, satin, tulle, embroidered pieces... As many fabric possibilities to exalt your curves as there are models to let you reveal your beauty assets without losing any of your self confidence.

Mysterious woman

A mysterious woman places her bets on subtlety with minimal unveiling of her beauty assets. She works up an intrigue for her to create a climate of secret seduction. With her discrete nature, she lets nothing betray her intentions...

She likes Implicite's Néon range, with which she can point out her curves in a refined manner. Our push-up bra with draped straps, a symbol of mystery, is her masterpiece of choice for the duration of a night… She wears with it a pair of opaque shorties with satin details for an absolutely enigmatic result. For the day time, she picks the Confidence line of items with its Lycra Beauty fabric. The high-waisted panties, soft to the touch, bestow on her the needed no-show aspect for her to wear clothing items that embrace her body while holding a part of the mystery. Body shapes are subtly highlighted with the Touch Me line of items thanks to cups with progressive degrees of padding to produce a dizzying décolleté!

Implicite Femme Mystérieuse
Implicite Femme Sensuelle

Sensual woman

A sensual woman plays on the transparent and the glamorous. In as much as she is discrete, the is feline sleek too; is second nature to her. She plays naturally with senses, stimulating them and filling them with excitement... Charming, classy and attractive, a sensual woman enchants you with a single gesture.

Looks are immediately drawn to the graphics of the lace of our Fusion range. The shorty made with opaque mesh on the front, reveals all of its charms with transparent and furiously wild lace. The bra without underwiring, contemporary and sensual, reveals ever so gently her glamorous side. A sensual woman also plays on the sense of touch thanks to the captivating Emotion range of items. The tube-top (bandeau) bra is a sensual choice when combined with a thong and its set of satin straps. And finally, she gets a taste of voluptuousness thanks to the enigmatic garter, a pleasure for senses, then lets herself be hypnotized by a caressing and seducing babydoll.

FEMME Fatale

A femme fatale promises a piece of a dream, she knows how to draw attention with a look, a gesture, a word. A femme fatale knows herself well, and with her self-confidence, true fascination radiates around her. Passion is her mantra, and magnetism is her arm. She knows how to keep it simple while being magical and powerful at once.

The dream becomes reality with sexy, and a little arousing, pieces of lingerie. The basque of the Talisman range of products is a huge asset for the femme fatale; the designer cuts of satin contrast gently with the transparency of the tulle. Whereas in the Emotion range, the garter belt reveals all the underlying eroticism thanks to the fineness of lace and its bondage links... The Implicite bra of the Fatale range of products, for its part, reveals an intimate facet of the femme fatale thanks to its draped fabric design. Veil or unveil!

Implicite Femme Fatale
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